Medical Mission now underway

The doctors and other volunteers are arriving now in Jordan to begin this next medical mission. We have 29 people arriving to help and 10 already in Jordan. The days will be filled with visits to clinics, hospitals, the refugee camp, and the evening will be spent sorting medications and getting ready for the next day’s work.

Here are some articles and interviews given by Rita before her departure:

Story on KOMO News – Sept. 4, 2013

Seattle Humanitarian – Al Jazeera America

Mixed Feelings about possible US Attack on Syria

‘We can’t forget the people’


One thought on “Medical Mission now underway

  1. I am very interested in going on one of your future medical missions. Although I am not in the medical field I have a certain set of skills that is always useful. I am a United States Marine Corps veteran of 4 tours in Iraq, so I am quite used to war-ravaged areas. I currently work as a Senior Program Manager with a large aerospace and defense contractor, so I am very versed in program coordination, integrated logistics as well as safety/security implementation. A doctor friend of mine plans to attend with me after the first of the year as our current schedule will not allow time away until then. Please advise when you have a moment. Bless you all…


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