UAM in Jordan Treating Victims of Syria Crisis

From Gradian Health: In In November, the Salaam Cultural Museum (Seattle, WA) purchased a new UAM for a field hospital near the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan in order to help victims of the Syrian refugee crisis. The machine is currently in Amman, Jordan, at a central hospital and is being used to train up to 70 anesthesia providers on the UAM who will staff the field hospital. It is expected to be installed at the field hospital by the end of December.

Update: The machine is at the King Hussein Medical Center in Amman, one of the biggest medical centers in the Middle East. Training is ongoing and the machine will be moved soon. The UAM is a Universal Anesthesia Machine, designed to operate if there is a power failure and without compressed gas. In places where power is spotty and unreliable, this machine is necessary to be able to conduct any kind of surgery. The machine was donated to SCM and we paid the $1000 for shipping to Jordan.




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