Mission Update from Rita – photos to be posted soon

Today is one of those days that I really felt what I was doing was helping.

We left the hotel after a meeting with the doctors and humanitarians and headed for a new camp that was set up illegally by displaced Syrians. Because of this they have had no help from any organization – they don’t know about them. We were told by some people that were in a taxi and found this place and told our land volunteers about them to get more information and set up our visit.

The camp has 150 families which is a total of 725 people. They are living in tents across from a factory. The factory owner owns the land and he has given the right to use the land and in exchange if he needs workers they will help. The head of the village is very happy with the arrangement and the owner is not abusing the system.

The people are all from Hama. There are a lot of skin conditions like scabies, a lack of good nutrition, and the babies are very skinny and need special kinds of baby formulas.

We saw 225 patients for general medical care, 22 dental patients and 25 patients were given eye glasses.



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