New water tanks for Camp Jaser



These are the water tanks we told you about in an earlier post. We need to get about 15 more, so please help us get clean drinking water to the Syrian refugees.


2 thoughts on “New water tanks for Camp Jaser

  1. Rita and Layla…how much is the whole thing going to cost? I will fundraise here for this project…please let me know ASAP. We would like to get this done by Ramadan.

    1. Hi Nikki- Here is the info on the costs for the water tanks and service:
      · $150.00 USD will buy a 2.25 cubic liter water tank with the faucet, stand and installation – we have 10 but need 15 more

      · $800.00 USD will provide weekly water delivery service for the two camps per month – we will be applying to get water vouchers from the Jordanian government for the camps but this will take time, so we are planning on 3 months’ worth of water service

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