Ramadan Food Delivery

Thanks to all of your donations to the Ramadan food drive we were able to provide 500 boxes of food for the Syrian refugees around Madaba, and another 200 families in Al Hamra, a village we visited on our last mission in June.

In addition to the packages of food, we also distributed clothing, small hygiene kits for the children, wheel chairs and walkers. The kits were put together here in our office in Seattle, and sent over to Jordan with people who were traveling there over the summer – a big thank you to all that were able to take an extra suitcase with you for us!

Below are photos of the distribution from our warehouse in Madaba (the evening photos), and then at the village of Al Hamra (in the daylight). Rita’s family in Madaba helped organize the distribution – checking people on the list to make sure everyone received their packages, crowd control, taking photos of the event, plus 3 Syrians who also helped with the handing out of the items. There are 30,000 Syrian refugees in the Madaba area.


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