Hurts Worst ~ Blog post by Emilie Whitman in Jordan

Emilie Whitman is a young American from Wenatchee, WA who is volunteering for 6 months at the Malki-SCM Children’s Center. She also helps out with the distribution of the supplies and clothes we send to Jordan. She will be in Jordan helping out until December. The blog below is her personal blog about her experiences in Jordan working with the Syrian refugees.

September 4, 2014 by Emilie

“What happened in Syria was out of our hands. We just have to be stronger. Life is going to get harder and harder. But we have to put smiles on our faces. We have to be strong.” I’ve heard this multiple times this week. It usually brings tears into my eyes, and then I feel foolish for being the one to release emotion, when the sadness I experience is secondhand. Part of me reveres the resiliency and determination of these kind of statements, and another part of me grieves at their inherent loneliness.

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