Drop by Drop

Here is another blog post by Emilie Whitman, who has been in Jordan for several months volunteering at the Malki-SCM Children’s Center. 

Drop by Drop

September 17, 2014 by Emilie


As we entered the compound where we would set up SCM’s medical clinics for the day, the first thing that struck me was how beautiful everyone’s eyes were — wide-eyed green, blue, light brown. A fellow volunteer (who’s an incredible photographer from the KSA) and I approached a middle-aged Syrian woman with green eyes, apple cheeks, and a brilliant smile which she covered with her hand because she was missing teeth. “When we’re all in the grave, this is when it will matter if we did good things in our lives or not,” she told us in Arabic. She thanked us for being there as she kissed our cheeks.

To continue reading the full blog post, click here.


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