Medical Missions

Salaam Cultural Museum has participated in the coordination of several medical missions since late 2012. We have now taken the lead on coordinating these missions, and have become a registered NGO (non-governmental organization, similar to a non-profit status here in the US) in Jordan. This certification has given us greater ability to operate in Jordan, making it easier to bring in the medical supplies, equipment, and medications, and other donated goods.

Our missions typically last for about a week, and take place in clinics, hospitals, camps, make-shift clinics, and villages in northern Jordan. Our groups are made up of doctors, surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses, therapists, and coordinating personnel. The mission participants are all self-supporting on the mission – they pay their own travel, accommodation, and food expenses, and many are able to use their luggage allotment on their flights to bring a suitcase or more of medications and supplies.

In June 2013 we accomplished the following:

  • Saw 700-800 patients per day, 85% of whom were women and children
  • 10,000 total patients seen during this mission
  • Filled and directly gave approximately 6,000 prescriptions to patients
  • Distributed 500 cans of baby formula
  • Performed 10 surgeries
  • Delivered 500 lbs. of medical supplies to various clinics to serve the displaced¬†Syrians
  • Spent approximately $10,000 dollars to purchase medications prescribed to patients
  • Nonmedical team members provided psychosocial relief to various locations for women and children

If you would like to participate in an upcoming mission, please contact us at our office in Seattle at 206-545-7307 and speak to Rita or Reham. We need people with all kinds of skill sets- not just medical. If you have organizational skills, language skills, etc, please consider joining us.

We have missions scheduled for November 2014, and January and March 2015. Please see the Dates & Registration page for more information.

You can also submit this form for more mission information:

2 thoughts on “Medical Missions”

  1. I am board certified in general, child and adolescent, and forensic psychiatry. I would be interested in learning more about your week-long medical missions to assist Syrian refugees in clinics and camps in northern Jordan. The APA sent an email about it, which is how I found out.

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