Matchstick People

Here is another post by Emilie Whitman who was on our November mission and also spent several months in Jordan volunteering at the Malk-SCM Children’s Center. We were in Rehab, Al-Mafraq, a small town with no consistent medical services. A chilly wind slapped our faces as we stepped out of the vans. It seemed to … More Matchstick People

Oasis of Resilience

Below is an excerpt from a post written by one of our mission participants. She is a landscape architecture design student at the University of Washington and wrote her master’s thesis on providing a safe and nurturing physical environment for the children of Zaatari Camp in Jordan. Please click the link at the bottom to … More Oasis of Resilience

Dinner on the Deck Fundraiser for Malki-SCM Children’s Center

On August 23rd SCM is hosting a fundraiser for the Malki-SCM Children’s Center in Amman. Through an extremely generous donation last year we received the funds to open and operate the center for a year, but now it is time to start planning operations for the coming year. Please join us for an evening of … More Dinner on the Deck Fundraiser for Malki-SCM Children’s Center

Refugee Learning Center Concept Note

CONCEPT NOTE Name of the Project Learning Center for Syrian refugee children in Jordan Date: January 2013 I.          Background and relevance of Action Since April 2011, thousands of Syrian families have been fleeing their homes and communities – going to the closest country across the borders. The war and violence in Syria have driven these … More Refugee Learning Center Concept Note