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To learn more about SCM’s Humanitarian and Medical Aid programs, please visit our site www.scmmedicalmissions.org

Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM) is engaged in humanitarian and educational activities. Our mission is to provide humanitarian aid to people affected by conflict and natural disaster within the MENA region, and to bring cultures and people together to build bridges of understanding

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Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM) is a charitable non-profit organization originally formed in February 1996 to gather and publish information on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and to promote understanding of the people, cultures, languages, religions, and lands of this region. For the last several years we have been collecting and distributing humanitarian aid and coordinating medical missions to the region.

Our current focus is on aiding the displaced Syrians that have fled the violence in Syria to neighboring countries. Be sure to visit our BLOG which includes current updates about the status of our various projects, photos, and links to articles relevant to our work. Please visit our sister site for our medical and humanitarian activities at www.scmmedicalmissions.org.

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11 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Our Great Decisions discussion topic this coming Sunday is “Syria’s refugee crisis.” Any current info on crisis and needs would be greatly appreciated–ways to help, contacting our reps and senators?, letters to editors of local papers……how else?
    Tom Gage put me in touch with your website. I know the group’s response to the Great Decisions reading and video next Sun. will be, What can we do?
    Thank you for information and ideas.
    Eleanor Gayner Co-chair of Eureka, CA Great Decisions group, sponsored by Humboldt Branch Am. Assoc. of Univ. Women. The GD materials are prepared by the Foreign Policy Assn. (in NY)

  2. Planning to retire in 2015 from 18 years in public education and I am interested in volunteering in an educational mission w/your agency. Can you please tell me where I might find information about this?
    Jennifer McCarthy

  3. Hi, I would like to volunteer with Salaam Cultural Museum as I greatly admire the work you do especially with Syrian refugees, I do not see a way to contact you on this website though.

  4. hello:
    i am dr Mahmoud Nofal:
    i heard that you are going to come to jordan to help the syrian refugee .
    the qustion is : how can i help?

    thanks alot

  5. Hello
    I would like to begin collecting supplies of warm clothing, blankets and other needed items for the Syrian host centers and camps. The issue for me, located in New Jersey, is getting items there. I am wondering if you know of other organizations in the New York/New Jersey area that are making regular shipments to the region? If so, I would greatly appreciate this information.
    Thank you for all your work.
    Laura Morowitz

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