Balancing our Souls, Somewhere between our Hearts and our Brains

April 4, 2016 EKO Gas Station Refugee Camp, Highway 75 near Polykastro, Greece By Dr. Bill Dienst “If you are in your twenties and you aren’t a bit of a revolutionary, you have no heart; but if you are in your 50’s and do not have some conservative tendencies, you have no brain.” (paraphrasing Winston … More Balancing our Souls, Somewhere between our Hearts and our Brains

Lesbos Update

29 February 2016 | Dr. Bill Dienst I landed here on the Northern shore of the Greek Island of Lesvos on 26 February. Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek Islands, and is the closest to the Turkish coast, separated on its Northern Coast by only 6 miles (10 km). For this reason, it has … More Lesbos Update

A Whirlwind

Here is another post from Raafia G.    The past two days have been a whirlwind and have felt like weeks. Every time I thought I heard the most heartbreaking story another family would arrive with there’s. It’s hard to stay strong for these refugees as they come off the boats from Turkey, but it’s … More A Whirlwind

The first few days

The post below was written by one of our volunteers, Raafia G. Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos Raafia!   My first few days here have been a mix of emotions. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the ongoing crisis and am witnessing firsthand the struggles that the refugees are enduring every step … More The first few days

Greece Missions Extended

A quick update to let everyone know that our missions to the Greek island of Lesvos will continue through January 17th. Please contact in the office for more information. You can also download our registration forms on our Dates and Registration page. We are in particular need of doctors and first responders. The boats … More Greece Missions Extended